Engineering Education in AP —A perspective

                     Having worked for three decades in different Engineering colleges in AP and in Maharashtra, I have noticed with pain, the gradual decline of standards in Engineering Education. Instead of blaming others, let us first identify the maladies that are plaguing the system. The root cause for the decline is commercial aspect  which has crept into the system and it is predominant at every stage starting with admissions and managing the Institution. The greedy nature of, some of the managements, is clearly ruining the standards.

                     Unfortunately parents are not much bothered about the standards of teaching.Their only concern is placements. Managements are more concerned about placements and setting other important aspects aside. Managements are hell bent in attracting companies for Campus drive.With all tactics they are managed to lure only third grade companies.After placing the students in these companies they are beating their chest and rushed to the town to convince gullible public. Unfortunately parents are falling prey to the managements with out realizing the status of the companies and how many students are joining the companies and how long students are sticking with them. Hence placements alone should not be the criterion for judging the standards  of a college.

                      Faculty is less enthusiastic about teaching considering  the fact that placement records are more important for the management  rather than the quality teaching and practical training. There is no scope for research activity due to lack of infrastructure. For the sake of NBA and NACC management is insisting on publications. Here also commercial aspect has crept in.Faculty is publishing in fake and paid journals. Today even Associate Professor post needs PhD qualification.Faculty is promoted to those positions with fake PhDs. No body is cared as long as one carries a PhD degree that is one counts during committee visits.

                       In the name of software jobs students are  giving undue importance to CSE and ECE branches completely ignoring the potential advantages of core branches like Civil,Mechanical and Electrical. There is a dearth of suitable candidates in the related industries. Not every Tom and Dick is suitable for the position of Software Engineer.  Parents are not bothered about the interests of their wards during admissions. It is simply a mad rush for CSE and ECE branches.  Due to undue importance given to those two branches the infrastructure and competent faculty are no where in other departments.For decline in standards every one is responsible. Particularly the onus lies on parents. They have to take decision during admission after considering all the aspects. Even after admission  they should insist on maintaining  commendable standards in teaching and practical training.  Students and parents must take a lead in ensuing certain minimum standards in Engineering colleges, 

                         Faculty on their part rise up to the  Management in fulfilling  their obligation to their students in providing quality technical education. Faculty,parents and students alone can improve the standards with their informed decisions. The administration is a mute spectator always toe the Management line for his survival. Hence management and administration are culprits in  making the Engineering education  rotten.

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