–New Engineering Courses a disturbing trend in AP

It is really disturbing to note the rush in introducing new courses related to Computer science from current academic year on wards. Already there is a dearth of qualified staff in computer science departments. Of course in some colleges departments are being manned by fake doctoral candidates and Doctorates with either science background or MCA background. The courses being offered are related to Machine learning ,AI and IoT. Unfortunately the students opting for these courses in private colleges are not good at mathematics. Machine learning and AI need thorough understanding of Probability theory and Statistics. Good understanding of electronics and Micro controllers is a prerequisite for one to get a foothold in IoT domain. How many students are capable of acquiring such skill set?

Managements are trying to capitalize the mad rush towards Computer science by introducing new courses with out well designed curriculum and faculty. In this process the core branches are deprived of good students. This will have long lasting impact on manufacturing sector. The central government is encouraging self reliance in manufacturing goods in India to avoid imports. How is it possible without trained personnel? If we still interested in producing thousands of ill equipped software professionals only God can help our country. Four years down the line EEE students will have better future in view of the Government policy to introduce electric vehicles and the big push towards Solar energy. Mechanical students definitely have better future in view of the policy put forth by the central government encouraging small and medium scale industries.

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